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Lo scrittore invisibileLo scrittore invisibile: Alfonso Berardinelli recensito e intervistato
This book, a collection of reviews, interviews, and tributes, expertly assembled and edited by Angela Borghesi, is a long overdue celebration of Italy’s most important living literary and cultural critic, Alfonso Berardinelli. I was one of four foreign writers invited to comment on Berardinelli’s achievement. My remarks (in Italian only) appear on pages 509-511 of the book. You’ll find them here.

Atti di Alberto Moravia e l’America
This book, well edited and assembled by Federica Capoferri and Portia Prebys, contains the conference papers and verbal exchanges that took place on 19-21 May 2011 in Rome at the international academic conference dedicated to Alberto Moravia’s relationship with America. My contribution to the conference, a paper on the U.S. Government’s refusal to issue a visa to Moravia to travel to the United States in 1952, appears on pages 135 to 150 of the book and may also be found here.

Scrittori di fronte al male: Riflessioni su letteratura e politica
My first book of nonfiction, a collection of disparate essays and articles written between 2001 and 2008, examines important 20th century writers such as Albert Camus, Ignazio Silone, Curzio Malaparte, Beppe Fenoglio, Jean-Paul Sartre, Peter Handke, Edmund Wilson and Vladimir Mayakovsky. To purchase a copy go here. For Italian reviews of the book, please click here and here.

Curzio MalaparteProceedings of the International Conference: National Identity, Historical Memory and the Humanities
This volume contains the published proceedings from a conference held in Florence, Italy in April 2008 on “National Identity, Historical Memory and the Humanities.” I helped organize the event and contributed a paper entitled “La fine dell’Arcadia: Scrittori americani in Italia (1915–1965).” Single copies of the published proceedings for this conference are available for free from the National Endowment for the Humanities, while supplies last. Please submit your request via e-mail to with the name of the conference and your name and full mailing address. Please allow up to six weeks for delivery.

Don CamaleoDon Camalèo: A Novel About A Chameleon
My English-language translation of Curzio Malaparte’s 1926–27 novel Don Camalèo. To learn more about the novel’s historical and literary importance, click here. To read my translation of Malaparte’s 1946 preface to the novel as well as the novel’s opening chapter click here.

Curzio MalaparteCurzio Malaparte: A Life
Work in progress: Publication date to be determined. You’ll find biographical information on Malaparte (1898–1957) here.
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