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National Law Journal Michael McDonald headshotCenter for Individual Rights
Michael McDonald, 43, Michael Rosman, 41

The conservative answer to the American Civil Liberties Union, founded by nonlawyer Michael Greve and attorney Michael McDonald in 1989, the center has won a series of victories in the U.S. Supreme Court and other appellate courts on issues as diverse as racial preferences, sexual harassment, free speech, gender equity in university sports teams, FCC limits and federalism; best known for Supreme Court win in Hopwood v. Texas; scheduled to go to trial this year in lawsuit against the University of Michigan over preferential admissions policies; in May, with General Counsel Rosman arguing, won Supreme Court decision striking down the Violence Against Women Act; earlier this year, won 5-4 decision limiting DOJ’s ability to force local jurisdictions to create additional minority electoral districts.
McDonald Portraits by Rhoda Baer
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